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Evolocumab (AMG 145) (Amgen) PROFICIO (Program to Reduce LDL-C and Cardiovascular Outcomes Following Inhibition of PCSK9 In Different Populations) is the Phase 3 programme evaluating evolocumab in 13 trials, with a combined planned enrolment of more than 28,000 patients. read more »


Alirocumab (SAR236553/REGN727) (Sanofi/Regeneron). Alirocumab is being evaluated in the ODYSSEY clinical trial programme in >23,000 patients in 12 phase 3 trials. read more »


Bococizumab: SPIRE clinical trial programme (terminated).read more »

Inclisiran (previously ALN-PCSsc)

Phase I study (reformulated) Fitzgerald K, et al. 2014. read more »