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Slide resource programme: Continuing Professional Education at PCSK9 Forum

Educational resources are an essential component of the mission of PCSK9 Forum to increase awareness and understanding of PCSK9 science and therapeutics. Our aim is to provide accessible education to clinicians involved in the management of very high-risk patients in their routine practice. To complement the educational resources available, PCSK9 Forum is developing a series of expert-led slide resources which focus on important trials and critical questions in the PCSK9 field. These slide resources will disseminate key results and expert analysis of the major PCSK9 trials.

FOURIER, ODYSSEY OUTCOMES and the ODYSSEY studies were undoubtedly landmark studies for the PCSK9 field, using a monoclonal antibody approach to inhibit PCSK9. The ORION clinical development program is testing an alternative strategy to inhibiting PCSK9, using a small interfering RNA (siRNA) molecule. Inclisiran, a synthetic siRNA, differs from the PCSK9 monoclonal antibodies by specifically targeting PCSK9 production in the liver.

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