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About PCSK9 Forum

What is PCSK9?

PCSK9 is a protein which is critically important in regulating low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels by significantly increasing the clearance of LDL-C by the liver.

Clinical studies show that inhibition of PCSK9 lowers serum LDL-cholesterol levels beyond the effects of current therapies, with consistent 50-60% reductions in LDL-C levels even in patients on statin treatment.1 2

Potentially, PCSK9 inhibitors may allow patients at high risk of premature cardiovascular death (including those with the common genetic condition, familial hypercholesterolaemia) to achieve LDL-cholesterol targets.

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What are our objectives?

The PCSK9 Education and Research Forum is increasing awareness and understanding of this exciting new development among healthcare professionals by providing free, unrestricted access to independent news, analysis and commentary from a network of internationally recognised researchers and clinicians.

Additionally, it offers a wide range of expert-developed educational materials.

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What is the Forum?

An independent, not-for-profit global network of healthcare professionals



What do members receive?

  • Regular e-newsletters with news and analysis of clinical and scientific developments
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  • Discussions exploring the possible clinical consequences of new data
  • Webinars and other interactive programmes
  • Access to rapidly expanding and regularly updated educational resources including slide presentations

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