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NEW Complementary slide resources…

Posted on 8 November 2018 | Posted in News

PCSK9 Forum is globally-recognised as an independent, non-profit resource of expert knowledge of PCSK9 science and its translation to therapeutic innovation. The mission of PCSK9 Forum is to increase awareness and understanding of this exciting new development among healthcare professionals.

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The landmark FOURIER and ODYSSEY OUTCOMES studies provide definitive evidence that lowering LDL cholesterol levels beyond current guideline-recommended goals on a background of intensive statin therapy reduces cardiovascular events in high and very high-risk patients who have already presented  with an initial event. Consistent with our mission, PCSK9 Forum will be launching a complementary series of slide resources for clinicians which capture the essential elements of these trials including the latest subgroup analyses and substudies. A unique feature of each of these slide decks will be an accompanying video in which experts from the PCSK9 Forum Editorial Board will discuss and summarise key take home messages. These decks will provide a novel addition to the educational tools presently available in this area.

We are pleased to announce that the initial slide decks will be launched soon.

Check back for the first of these unique decks...

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