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Dr Anne Langsted MD, PhD

Resident Clinician, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Anne Langsted, MD, PhD is employed at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital, Denmark. Her research has been focused on lipids and cardiovascular disease mainly using data from the Copenhagen General Population Study. She received her PhD at the University of Copenhagen on the thesis “Lipoprotein(a), food intake, inflammation, and cardiovascular risk”. Her first studies examined the effect of food-intake on cholesterol levels and based on these studies Denmark was the first country in the world to implement that fasting prior to lipid-profiling for cardiovascular risk prediction was not necessary. Anne Langsted is a member of the European Atherosclerosis Society/European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine consensus panel on laboratory testing in the management of hyperlipidaemia and cardiovascular prevention. Further, she has done extensive research on lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)), a genetically determined lipoprotein associated with increased risk of myocardial infarction and aortic valve stenosis. She is supervising PhD students and postdocs and teaching medical students and laboratory workers. Anne Langsted is Chair of the Scandinavian Society for Atherosclerosis Research.

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