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September 2014
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PCSK9 Education and Research Forum:
ESC CONGRESS 2014 30 August - 3 September

Headlines on PCSK9 News

ODYSSEY trials shine at Hotline 2: Impressive results from four trials from the ODYSSEY Phase III Programme with alirocumab ODYSSEY FHI and FHII, ODYSSEY COMBO II, ODYSSEY LONG TERM

Video discussion: Prof. Michel Farnier, Point Medical, Dijon, France on ODYSSEY FHI and FHII
Video discussion: Prof. Raul Santos, University of Sao Paulo Medical School Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil discusses the unmet needs of FH patients
Video discussion: Prof. Alberto Zambon, University of Padua, Italy overviews the ODYSSEY trials
FH: not just a clinical condition but a family condition

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Our mission

Our goal

PCSK9 Education and Research Forum is the major, globally-recognised resource of independent knowledge of PCSK9 science and its translation to therapeutic innovation. Our mission is to facilitate development of these new treatments in order to transform the prognosis of millions of people with hypercholesterolaemia and accelerated atherosclerotic vascular disease.

Our response to this challenge

Established by leading researchers as a not-for-profit organisation, the PCSK9 Education and Research Forum will provide healthcare professionals with open access to electronic and multimedia platforms providing real-time reporting of significant developments and news; authoritative analysis and commentary; and, an extensive library of accredited educational materials tailored to the differing needs of a spectrum of audiences. As a result, the Forum will expand awareness and knowledge of the significant role played by PCSK9 in lipid metabolism and its value as a novel therapeutic target.

Our partnership and outreach

Through its unique global network of researchers and clinicians, the PCSK9 Education and Research Forum will reach out to academic institutions, research organisations and societies which share the Forum’s commitment to the reduction of CVD mortality and morbidity through improved management of atherosclerotic dyslipidaemia. The Forum will establish educational partnerships with such organisations through jointly sponsored symposia as well as accredited research and educational programmes.
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“Lower is better” for LDL – a new meta-analysis
Is the ABCC6 gene important for cholesterol metabolism?
Understanding the role of PCSK9 in dyslipidaemia

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#ESCcongress another #PCSK9antibody #RG7652 reduced #LDL up to 60% on top of SOC with good tolerability in #highrisk patients

#ESCcongress poster #PCSK9 levels associated with future risk #cardiovascular events independent of other #riskfactors #KarolinskaInstitute

New Video: Prof Alberto Zambon on #ODYSSEY trials at #ESCcongress Hotline http://www.pcsk9forum.org/prof-alberto-zambon-on-odyssey-trials-at-esc-congress-hotline …

#ESCcongress post hoc analysis of #ODYSSEYLONGTERM with #alirocumab suggests mechanism of action with #PCSK9inhibition in right direction
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